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Call for Papers: RJA 22nd Annual Conference

The RJA is proud to announce that the 22nd Annual Robinson Jeffers Association Conference is scheduled for February 19-21, 2016 in Carmel, California. Please access the Call for PapersRead More >>

Program for RJA 2015 Conference

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RJA 2015 Conference Update

The 21st annual conference is one week away. The Friday evening reception features a piano recital on Una’s newly renovated Steinway. Click here for the complete program.… Read More >>

Continent’s End

At the equinox when the earth was veiled in a late rain,
    wreathed with wet poppies, waiting spring,
The ocean swelled for a far storm and beat its boundary,
    the ground-swell shook the beds of granite.

I gazing at the boundaries of granite and spray,
     the established sea-marks, felt behind me
Mountain and plain, the immense breadth of the continent,
    before me the mass and double stretch of water.

I said: You yoke the Aleutian seal-rocks with the lava
    and coral sowings that flower the south,
Over your flood the life that sought the sunrise faces ours
    that has followed the evening star.

The long migrations meet across you and it is nothing to you,
    you have forgotten us, mother.
You were much younger when we crawled out of the womb
    and lay in the sun’s eye on the tideline. (more…)