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RJA 2016 Preliminary Conference Program Announced

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Call for Papers: 2016 RJA Conference

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Ante Mortem

It is likely enough that lions and scorpions
Guard the end; life never was bonded to be endurable nor
    the act of dying
Unpainful; the brain burning too often
Earns, though it held itself detached from the object,
    often a burnt age.
No matter, I shall not shorten it by hand.
Incapable of body or unmoved of brain is no evil, one always
    went envying
The quietness of stones. But if the striped blossom
Insanity spread lewd splendors and lightning terrors at the end
    of the forest;
Or intolerable pain work its known miracle,
Exile the monarch soul, set a sick monkey in the office …
    remember me
Entire and balanced when I was younger,
And could lift stones, and comprehend in the praises
    the cruelties of life.

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